Our special reinforced concrete security Guardhouse offers protection against break-in, fire arms, explosion and fire and also meets up-to-date standards of sound and thermal insulation. Because of its compact design it can be put up almost everywhere and also be moved. We offer portable and permanent solutions. Our guardhouse / guard container / gate building can be rented or purchased.

Security levels of the Guardhouse can be chosen and combined individually

  • Break-in and attack resistance up to WK 6
  • Fire arme resistance up to FB 7-NS
  • Explosion resistance up to EPR 3/ GSA 3 and contact detonation up to 4 kg
  • Fire resistance up to F 90/ T 90

Our container offers several advantages:

  • The guardhouse is completed in production as prefabricated building of reinforced concrete including windows, doors, facade and roof.
  • Completion of the interior follows the individual customer’s requirements, including all appliances and equipping.
  • All security-related components are produced in the factory and set up according to certification / test certificates.
  • Installation takes place on strip foundations or base plate.
  • After installation follows the connection of all media and the design of the exterior.

Because of those advantages the Guardhouse can be used immediately after installation on site. Installation and commissioning takes 2-5 days.

Due to the adavantage of a construction set we can offer different varieties

  1. Modularity – flexible design because of modular construction
  2. Partition wall – designable room partitioning with interior walls
  3. Opening – Wall openings can also be planned individually
  4. Interior equipment – complete equipment such as security technology, air conditioning, communication are customer-specific and can be incorporated ex factory
  5. Roof shape – different roof shapes can be selected without affecting the security features of the Guardhouse
  6. Design of façade and roof – facades and roofs can be designed individually, e.g. using metal, wood, synthetic material, brick or natural stone

Presentation Guardhouse (PDF-file)