We produce officially certified security systems according to the user’s requirements, in modern architecture or following the preservation order’s requirements.

Windows and doors made from slim tubular frame profiles, insulated or not insulated, allow a variety of constructive and creative possibilities, also by the choice of material as aluminium, steel or stainless steel. Especially in object range certain security zones constitute a part of the complete solution. These constructions have to blend in inconspicuously in the overall design.

Areas relevant to security can be incorporated in classic post-and-beam facades without changing the outer appearance. The face widths of post-and-beam constructions are 50 or 60 mm so that different object requirements can be realized homogeneously in their view.

Break-in Resistance

Windows up to RC 6
Doors single-winged ort wo-winged up to RC 5
Folding, sliding and swing gates up to RC 4
Facades up to RC 5
Counter systems up to RC 5
automatic slide door, single-winged up to RC 6, two-winged up to RC 4

Break-out Resistance

Windows, doors and facades up to RC 4

Our products preventing break-ins and break-outs can also be combined with bullet resistance, fire protection and explosion resistance.